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Premises/Property Liability

       If you have suffered an injury on retail premises in New Jersey, you may be dealing with the stresses of coping with your injury, taking time off work, incurring medical bills, and enduring a lengthy process of recuperation.

     Business owners and commercial property owners are obligated by law to keep their premises and approaches safe and secure and to take all reasonable steps to discourage criminal activity.

     We too often see events that lead to injuries such as poor lighting, breaches in security features, missing or ineffective window or door locks, and other unsafe conditions contribute to criminal activity, such as muggings, assault, and robberies, and other injuries in shopping centers, parking lots, apartment complexes, and hotels and motels.

     Mr. Mark regularly represents clients seriously harmed by these and other unsafe conditions. We have represented many people in your position. We are proud to say that we have helped many of our clients recover money for their injuries.

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