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Dog Attacks

     Mark Law Firm has a history of successfully handling personal injury cases involving victims of dog bites and animal attacks.

     Although we generally love our pets, animal owners are responsible for their pets, including any harm that the animal may inflict on another person. We are dedicated to getting favorable verdicts and settlements. We strive to get our clients the highest monetary compensation for your injuries.

     New Jersey law recognizes that the person who is bitten might not be the only victim. A member of the immediate family might be suffering from emotional distress as a result of seeing the victim getting mauled. This would be the basis of what is called a "bystander claim." A spouse might suffer because the husband or wife is incapacitated in some way. This is called a "loss of consortium" claim. If the victim dies from his injuries, family members might have claims for "wrongful death."

     All dogs are capable of biting and causing serious injuries to anyone they attack, especially an innocent child.  If a dog bites someone, the dog owner is responsible for any and all injuries directly resulting from the dog bite.  Mr. Mark can assist you in proving your dog injury case and in recovering compensation. 

The long term effect of such an attack can be very significant. Some victims go through:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychological counseling to overcome the emotional trauma of the attack, fear of dogs, fear of being outdoors, and dealing with disfigurement
  • reconstructive surgery in more serious cases
  • physical rehabilitation
  • medical treatment such as first aid, emergency room, hospital, and ambulance
  • physical rehabilitation
  • future medical treatment for scar reduction
  • Torn clothing and broken glasses

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